Renewable Heating System Ltd supplies the full range of Wood Pellet burners and wood gasifying boilers from Olymp. The ENP Pelletstar range have an efficiency factor of 94.7%, and are highly environmentally friendly.

They are also suppliers of the Fabbri range of Space Heaters which are CO2 friendly, and a low-cost solution for heating workshops and factories. Six models are available with outputs between 29kW and 407kW.

Fabbri Biomass Space Heaters

Euroheat wood space heaters are manufactured by Fabbri. They are renowned world wide as a heat specialist, and their products are used across Europe.

These heaters are simple to use, and have large combustion chambers which will burn most types of wood. Fresh air is drawn around the unit, and is instantly warmed to temperature before being vented to the surrounding area.

Six distinct Models are available: (Models shown are F28 (top) and F350)
Model Unit Width Unit Height Unit Length Phase

without flue fan.

550mm 1400mm 920mm Single
Flue fan option available
700mm 1550mm 1150mm Single
Flue fan option available
800mm 1760mm 1280mm Three

With flue fan.

930mm 1970mm 1700mm Three
With Flue fan
1100mm 2250mm 1900mm Three
With Flue fan
1220mm 2700mm 2700mm Three
Biomass Space Heater

Wood Gasifying Boiler Model HVK25

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High-performance pellet boiler - 2 variations are available - the HVK25 and HVK45. They are designed for combustion of wood pellets, and for hot water applications. Can be positioned in multi-purpose cellars or heating rooms.

See table below


Nominal Output kW

Dimensions (mm) Weight
HVK25 25 1332 x 668 x 1266 345
HVK45 45 1650 x 668 x 1370 540
Gasifying Boiler HVK25

Rika Cult Wood Burning Stove

The Cult offers timeless warmth and sharp, contemporary looks that make today's hectic lifestyle a breeze with a range of features and options.

Colour options: Side panels soapstone (shown) or Black steel sides.

Log storage options: Rectangular base or Log storage on right side (shown)
Rika Cult Wood Burning Stove

Wood Gasifying Boiler with O2 Sensor

Wood Gasifying Boiler with Outputs of between 20kW and 70kW
Wood Gasifying Boiler with O2 sensor

Beethoven Woodburning Stove

The standard Beethoven H model is supplied with a lower sliding draw for access to air controls ash pan and storage area within the draw itself. The Beethoven H is available in either a black or grey finish.

As an alternative, the Beethoven H can be supplied clad in soapstone on the sides and top. As an additional option a soapstone base can be included. One of the properties of soapstone is that it absorbs heat faster than it releases it - so extending the heating period of the stove. With a fully clad stove one firing of the stove can significantly extend the heating period of the stove.
Beethoven Wood Burning Stove

Wood Pellet Heating Systems

The Pelletstar ENP range of Wood Pellet burners:
  • have an efficiency factor or up to 94.7%
  • have the highest possible operational safety
  • are ecologically minded
  • are environmentally friendly

The new generation Pelletstar ENP series from Olymp comes out with a high-performance heating system. 22 important innovations make the system highly efficient, extremely easy to handle and assure elevated operational safety. Five models are available which deliver between 10kW and 45kW
Pelletstar ENP Series

One For All

"Multi Fuel" Boiler Energy Tank
  • high volume steel take with integrated gas/oil boiler
  • the hydraulic design allows to run the system with two different temperature levels
  • internal piping
  • integration of different energy sources
  • Energy Management Computer to ensure optimal use of all available energy
Stoves and Boilers