The Government is in the process of introducing a scheme - known as Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) to encourage the use of heating systems that use renewable energy sources - such as solar, groundsource and airsource. The way that it will work is as follows:
  • From April 1st 2011 all energy companies will be required, by law, to reimburse the customer, for every unit of heat generated by the Solar powered system
  • For a 45Kw system, savings are likely to be in the region of £350 per annum
  • These payment will be made for a period of 20 years
  • Systems installed in 2010 will be eligible to receive the payments from 2011 onwards

Olymp Sunstar High-energy Solar Tubes

  • High annual efficiency
  • High efficiency with low solar power in winter or cloudy weather
  • Quick kick-off at 160 to 200 W/m²
  • Long Life with proven reliability of more than 15 years
  • tubes are equipped with an overheating protection device, and can be exposed without damage during stand still
  • Boro Silicate glass with good resistance against hail
  • High efficiency vacuum insulation
Solar DF 100

PV Pack

Mitsubishi Electric PV Packs bring together high efficiency Mitsubishi Electric PV modules with an inverter and a mounting system to create complete kits for residential properties with pitched roofs. The on-roof version of the PV Pack is designed for retrofit projects where there is already a sound roof in place, or for new build projects where there is a preference for the PV system to remain separate from the roof itself. The low profile system protrudes less than 200mm above the roof so is classed as a permitted development in both England and Scotland and as such does not require planning permission in non-conservation areas. The in-roof version has an even lower profile and is primarily suitable for new build. The PV Packs use MCS-accredited hardware so are eligible for Government incentives such as grants and renewable electricity tariffs when properly installed by MCS-accredited installers. All PV Packs with outputs under 16A are compliant with the G83 grid connect standard.

What is PV?

Mitsubishi Electric PV (Photovoltaic) Packs generate electricity, lowering the amountthat you need to purchase from your utility supplier, reducing both your householdCO2 emissions as well as your energy costs. Furthermore, under the Feed-in Tarifffor Low Carbon Electricity, eligible PV Pack installations can earn an elevated tarifffor every unit of electricity generated for a period of 25 years.PV Packs are a new addition to Mitsubishi Electric’s photovoltaic product rangeto support the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

How does a PV systemwork?

PV modules are mounted on an unshaded south facing (or near south facing)roof and use light from the sun to generate electricity. The output from themodules is matched with your household's electricity supply by an inverter.The inverter ensures that its output voltage is slightly higher than that coming in from the grid,which means your appliances will use the electricity from your PV system before they startdrawing from the grid, thus reducing your energy consumption. If your PV system is generatingmore than is required by your appliances at any given moment, the surplus energy yougenerate will be exported onto the grid.Because the output varies with external light conditions, the referenced output from aPV system is always the yield achieved over a full calendar year, rather than its capacityto drive a particular appliance at any given point in time.