Olymp Alu-radiators – a solution for solar and heat pump

The difference between an Olymp radiator and a conventional radiator is in the construction. 

radiators contain about 90% less hot water than conventional radiators, and due to the excellent conductivity of aluminium, they start heating immediately. They feature:
  • perfect low temperature heating
  • excellent, precise regulating
  • high utilization of thermal capacity
  • warmth with style
All Radiators are available in a choice of forty different colours.

Read more about Olymp ALU Radiators (PDF)

Olymp Aluminium Radiators: Classic and Deluxe Models

Warmth made-to-measure with the best regulation response through the minimal water content and the best heat generation in low temperature operation

  • The aluminium radiator is considerably lighter than conventional steel models, and this makes the wall-mounting much easier
  • Due to its corrosion resistance, an aluminium radiator is guaranteed to give a long life of service. The precious material aluminium never rusts
  • The stoving varnished surface of radiators is shock- and scratch-resistant
  • The smooth surfaces are antistatic, and so are easy to clean
  • Rounded edges prevent injury to children
  • Radiators can be used at low temperatures, and they are never hot, and so they are healthier. It means: any time warm to touch
  • available in many colours - see below

Olymp Aluminium Radiators: Technical Characteristics

V 250 V 350 V 500 V 600 V 900 V 1800
between hubs (mm)
250 350 500 600 900 1800
Height (mm) 290 390 540 640 940 1840
Depth (mm) 60/120/200 60/130/200 60/130 60/130 60/130 60/130
Width (mm)
70 70; 70 70 70 70

Olymp Aluminium Radiators: Warmth with Style

The Olymp Aluminium Radiator shows here how practical functionality can integrate harmoniously in a contemporary setting to provide the perfect ambience for modern day living.
Sitting Room Radiator


The conventional bathroom is today an oasis of wellness and calm. Olymp aluminium bathroom radiators have a double purpose in that they function both as mirror and radiator. They have a high thermal output, and can also be equiped with electrical heating for cool summer days.

Design Accessories:
  • Bath room radiators with towel rails or  towel buttons.
  • Mirror radiators
  • comfort shoe drier sets
  • a wide selection of colours
Bathroom Radiator