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has been at the forefront of design of boilers, heat pumps that make the most efficient use of sustainable energy sources. In this section you will find some of the range that is available from Renewable Heating Systems Ltd


Olymp OlyTop Heat Pump

This Olymp Heat pump has been designed to provide an innovative solution for builders wishing to construct a home whose heating system is entirely autonomous from fossil fuels. Olytop heat pumps produce a comfortable thermal heat with free energy out of ambient air.
  • Extremely efficient Coefficient of Performance
  • Space-saving assembly in the corner
  • wide range for indoor and outdoor assembly
  • Less installation work - plug-and-play start-up
Olymp Airsource

Olymp OlySol Heat Pump

TThe Olymp OlySol Heat Pump can be used in two configurations
  • Brine/Water: The Olymp OlySol has been designed with a hot gas desuperheater so that you can produce water temperatures of 60 degrees C and more, and even use it as a parallel heating system. The compressor gets along with the same pressure, and this means that the heat pump needs less energy upon which to run
  • Water/Water: Ground water is a source of energy, and the advantage of water is that it is always available. By contrast, a regeneration phase of the ground is indispensable using a heat pump with horizontal collector or ground probe.
Olymp OlySol Heat Pump

Olytop 4 External Airsource Heatpump

The Olytop External Heatpump has only come onto the market in August 2010 and continues Olymp's successes with the other Olytop heatpumps which are designed for internal use.

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Air and Ground Source